About Sarah

My passion in design revolves around problem solving. My favorite part of a new project is initial meeting where we gather all project stakeholders and talk with them about their needs/wants/desires. This starts the process of figuring out how to fit all those pieces together. 

Working with stakeholders through a products pain points, we discover new and innovative solutions. I work closely with product owners, copy, and engineering to help drive the teams roadmap in the direction of success. We want to have clear "Why", which can be written out as user problems, or business goals. A clear goal gives us a backbone to support all our future decisions. From here we can user test our fundamental ideas, create user flows & stories, wireframe design solutions, and work towards final iteration. 


I started as a Product Designer at Wayfair in December of 2016.  Primarily, I work on the Find & Inspire Design team. Our goals are to create a seamless buying experience for the user, where they can easily find the product they are looking for, and along the way be inspired to create a home they truly love.

Products I've worked on include:

  • Navigation
  • Homepage
  • Room Ideas (Shop-able Inspiration)
  • Category / Department Pages
  • Super Browse (Filtering & Product Block)
  • Media

I was lucky enough to be apart of the early team that kickstarted Wayfair's new Design System. I had the chance to help set standards and work closely with the Development team on feasibility and implementation.  

In October 2017 I was promoted to a Product Design Manager.  Wayfair has presented new challenges daily that have helped expand my design thinking skills. I worked with multi-disciplinary teams to brainstorm new ideas and set roadmaps for exciting future products & features. 

TriMark Digital

From May 2012- December 2016 I worked at TriMark Digital with the position of Web Designer, during my last year at TriMark Digital I was promoted to Senior Web Designer. I learned a tremendous amount. I worked on 12+ websites that launched over the years, countless social media posts, ad campaigns, logos, and email designs. 

I had the opportunity to work closely with very talented Account Managers, Developers, and Content strategists. We worked with locally owned businesses to nationally owned corporations. I was able to see my projects from start to finish and had a hand in every detail. 

As the first designer hired, I was able to watch the team grow and help cultivate a design culture. When I departed in 2016 we had a team of 8 designers. While there I helped develop the photography department, which allowed TriMark to begin creating custom assets for its clients. 

Work like a scientist, present like a snake charmer
— Mike Monterio

The Quick Guide

  1. I have a dog named Takoand 2 cats, Merlin & Zelda.
  2. I have a full sleeve, its all Miyazaki Movies.
  3. My two main hobbies are Running and Baking.
  4. As much as I try not to be, I'm a terrible speller. 

Percent of Program Use Over the years



  • Product Design (UX & UI)
  • Pattern Library & Design Systems
  • Accessibility Compliance
  • User Testing Strategies
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Social, Email, & Media Ad Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Print & Trade Show


  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Adobe
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Indesign
    • Lightroom